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8 Outdated Pieces Of Clothes That Can Ruin The Best Look

Narrow glasses

Sometimes back people really loved narrow glasses; however they were not good protection from the sun. Today, big glasses are taking over and most of you have noticed this trend. Also clear geometric lines and classic aviator glasses are very popular

Cropped flared jeans

We all can agree that hipsters and some other clothes of the design are a thing of the past, cropped flared jeans have been on fashion runways many times, and they look good with heels especially on tall girls. Designers also recommend wearing straight jeans in a standard length

Waits bags

You have noticed this and it is currently a trend, if applied incorrectly, it can really change you image especially with girls. Some designers disliked them while others were interested in applying them into their look when this waist bags appeared. Waist bags for women are being replaced with more classic hand bags with a cools design, you don’t want to follow what others are doing, be unique

Too many logos

Today a lot of young people do not want to look bulk and full of a lot of logos in their outfits. Back then, famous brands used to put their names and logos on clothes and accessories. Today people prefer cool simple but comfortable outfits

Strange looking hats

In the cold season of the year, a lot of people apply hats in their look; this can affect your appearance negatively or positively. It is better to buy simple hats with rather than those with a lot of decoration and additional feature, the simpler the better

Different earrings

This was very popular long ago sometime in 2018, however people got tired of it very fast because there was introduction of more attractive earrings, they can be big but identical

Leopard prints

We all have seen such dresses with leopard’s prints, it very hard to see them anywhere around you because it is no longer a fashion. These prints are getting less and less popular, trendy women prefer other fashions that are even better

Plastic shoes and accessories

Plastic shoes, sandals, bags and umbrellas are now a thing of the past. Items made with these materials are not only impractical, but also don’t warm you up when there is cold. Wear a good fitting clothe which is nicely fixed

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