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Skin Care

If You Eat Cucumber Consistently For A Month, This Is What Will Happen To Your Body

Cucumber is one of the fruits that has many health benefits when consumed. It most pleasant when eaten in hot weather since it reduces dehydration. Many ladies have been seen buying it because of its health benefits. Some also use it to make beauty products. The following are some other reasons why ladies are buying cucumbers at a high rate.

1.Helps in keeping the skin soft and glowing.

Cucumber is beneficial for the skin because it contains alot of water which keeps the body hydrated. It is also loaded with vitamin B (niacin and riboflavin), vitamin C and zinc which which helps in maintaining good skin. The fruit contains nutrients which helps in fighting signs of skin aging.

2.Reduces the risk of getting cancer.

Cancer is one of the disease that has caused deaths to many Kenyans especially women. This is the main reason why many ladies are buying cucumbers since prevention is better than cure. The fruit contains flavonoid which helps in reducing the risk of getting different types of cancer. Flavonoid also contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

3.Helps in controlling and preventing diabetes.

Cucumber contains a substance which helps in regulating insulin that is being released and the metabolism of hepatic glycogen. The substance lowers the blood glucose from rising too high. This is the other reason why most ladies like eating cucumbers. If you are a lady and you've not started, you better start today.

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