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"We Have Lost Another Man" Baha's New Hairstyle That Has Left Kenyans In Disbelief

The world is changing and so are the people in it. Many things have came and gone. Fortunately, new inventions are made in order to change the world. It is called the times of changing world.

Among the top inventions is the new hairstyles that exists in our salonists and our artist. At first the dreads came but they are now being extinct. Men and women are sharing the same new hairstyle and that has became the new normal. Truly the world has changed.

What will you say about men with braids on their head? It will be a total turn of for some of us. However, for some people that is a normal thing. Men have started doing the unthinkable by piercing themselves,wearing a nose ring and many more other things.

A recent man is Baha Machachari who has lightened his Facebook page with mixed reactions after posting a photo of his new hairstyle. The hairstyle which consisted of braid like those of Tanzanians male artist.

Many fans after seeing this had alot to say. Here are some of their reactions.

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Baha Machachari Kenyans


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