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How to naturally darken your hair at home using coffee (NO Chemicals)

Coffee is a simple way to darken your hair. This procedure is really straightforward, and you should notice results fairly quickly. Your hair should be stained by the coffee.

Method 1:Instructions

1. Make a strong cup of coffee. The recommended quantity is three cups.

2. Remove it from the oven and allow it to cool to room temperature. To speed up the cooling process, place the coffee in the refrigerator.

3. Pour the coffee into a large mixing bowl. After that, you can dip your hair into a dish and let it there for a few seconds.

4. Rinse the coffee three times through your hair.

Method 2:Instructions

1. Two cups of coffee should be brewed. Allow it to cool to room temperature before serving.

2. Combine two cups conditioner and four tablespoons ground coffee in a mixing bowl. The mixture should have a smooth appearance.

3. Allow the coffee to soak into your hair. Check to see if your hair is properly wet.

4. Apply the mixture to your hair with your fingertips. To get all the roots, massage the mixture into your scalp.

5. Allow an hour for the mixture to sit in your hair. After that, shampoo your hair to remove any coffee residue.

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