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6 Ways through which you damage your hairline

Your hair edges play a huge role in framing your face and how your hair looks. The swirls and the swoops that you create with your baby hairs are always the cherry on top of any super cute hairstyle. Over-styling and over- handling your hairline can put a strain on your fragile baby hairs causing them to thin and break off overtime which could lead to permanent hair loss.

Some of these causes are:

1: Use of chemical treatments / relaxers

Harsh chemical treatments , like bleaching your hair or relaxing it could contribute to hairline breakage. You can use natural methods of treatment or if you have to use them let it be done by a well- experienced stylist.Image source: naturally curly

2: Very tight and heavy braids.

High pony tail and those box braids might look amazing but if your style is too tight all that tension cause your hairline to thin. The use of too many braids is super amazing but will cause too much tension on your hairline causing hair loss. These tight braids can lead to traction alopecia (hair loss caused by over- styling and pulling of hair)Image source: Valeria


While breakage is more likely to be the culprit behind thinning your edges than actual hair loss. Things like stress can disrupt the natural hair growth cycle causing the hair to stop growing temporarily.

4:Too much friction.

Friction from rough towel while drying and excessive heat while styling is one of the more obvious damage inducers, particularly if you are heating your edges over and over to get them smooth.

5: products and hair tools.

If you're used to slicking down your edges with harsh alcohol based gels that dry out your hair this could also be contributing to damage and breaks. The alcohol depletes moisture and makes your fine edges be prone to damage.

In addition to gel the tool you use to apply it could also be the cause of damage. Harsh plastic bristles will damage your edges serious.

6: The use of hair glue.

The use of hair glue in wigs and weaves will not just break your hair but will destroy your follicle leading to permanent loss of hair. Experts say that if you must use hair glue make sure you use a glue remover when removing the wigs.Image source: science

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