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Diets That Help in The Maintenance Of Natural Beauty and Health.

Natural Beauty starts from how we generally care for our body. Complete nutrition and health of the body must be put into focus.

In this article I'll be sharing different types of diet that will help in keeping the body healthy thus promoting the maintenance of our body's natural beauty.

Remember the more natural you stay, the more attractive you are 👍😉.

1. For a Beautiful skin.

The Bell pepper, Parsley and dark chocolate come in handy since they all contain Vitamin A, C&E which helps in smoothening the skin making it beautiful and most importantly they make a person look younger.

2. For Healthy breasts.

The Broccolis, Mushrooms and Green tea all have Indole- 3 - Carbinol that keeps the breasts healthy and prevents diseases such as breast cancer.

3. For Healthy teeth and Bones

The Leafy greens,cheese and Orange juice all have Calcium, Vitamin D that helps in strengthening the bones and teeth.

4. For Hormonal Balance.

Salmon,nuts and Vegetable oil all have Omega-3 Vitamin C,E and Iodine that helps in maintaining the body's hormonal balance.

5. For the Nervous System.

Avocados, Carrots and Beetroots come in handy when it comes to the Nervous System.They all contain Vitamin B9 that helps in maintaining the health of the body's nervous system.

Content created and supplied by: Akinyiemmy (via Opera News )

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