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Natural Ways to Manage and Prevent Acne

Apart from releasing toxics by sweating, the skin can take over the mantle of excreting even more toxics when the kidney and liver get overwhelmed. A few specialists refer to the skin as the third kidney. As toxins escape through the skin, they can disturb the wellbeing and framework of the skin. This can make an already existing acne worse.

The methods below will help with reducing the burden of the skin organ, and therefore keeping acne at bay.

 1. Apply refined white vinegar (can be diluted if excessively concentrated) to the face and influenced regions. Permit this to sit for 5-10 minutes prior to flushing off with cool water.

 2. Lemon or any citrus organic product works extraordinary an exfoliating agent, eliminating the dead skin cells that might be present within the pores. Similarly, as with the white vinegar, apply the lemon juice to the face. Permit it to dry for around 10 minutes, after that wash it all off with cool water. You might feel a gentle sting when the lemon juice is applied. If this is the case, you can dilute it with water to a satisfactory level.

3. Water helps flush harmful toxin, adequate consumption can help prevent or manage acne.

4. When it comes to food consumption, a balanced diet should be emphasized, since this ensures your body gets all the necessary nutrients to prevent various infections and diseases like acne.

5. Sufficient amounts of vitamin A, have effectively been used to treat extreme acne. But too much of it, in any case, can be poisonous. Consult your preferred health care provider on when considering this.

6. Consider incorporating zinc into your eating routine. Zinc supports the restoration of tissues and helps avoid scarring. It is additionally significant for the body because it helps counter various skin infections apart from acne.


Note: Some of these proposals might take up to two months for any changes or results to occur. In any case any changes vary from person to person, it might work for other people while others might not see any success, as always an expert should be considered before starting any treatment.


This is part six of a seven part series covering the ACNE topic, you can search back and have a read on other parts you might have missed.


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