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"Nimecome Kujipenda Vyenye Niko" Millywajesus Says After Sharing This Photo

Not every one is comfortable with his or her physical body. There must be something that one feels should have been otherwise. Some even question themselves as to why they had to be that way. This leads to low self esteem amongst people and might become very uncomfortable when they are in public. Millywajesus after posting her photo in a short dress says that she never imagined that a time would come when she could pose for a photo and expose herself or wear a short dress since she felt weird about her thick thighs. Look at this gorgeous photo of hers in her beautiful dress.

Look at what she said about how she used to feel about herself before she could gather some gats to wear such a romper short.

Netizens reacted to this photo of her and also the caption. They told her How beautiful she looks with her lovely body and that she should not fear anything since some people hopes that they could get such body as hers. Look at the reactions she received on social media.

Netizens said that self confidence is the only weapon that will help someone love him or herself in whatever situation they may be in. She is very beautiful and it is good that she has developed self esteem and never disturbed about her looks.

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Millywajesus Nimecome Kujipenda


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