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The Regret Of Having An Unwanted Tattoo.

A tattoo is a piece of art but for some, it is a story that they want to remember forever. Getting a tattoo is never an easy option and is only left for brave tattoo enthusiasts. The advent of new technology has inspired more tattoo lovers, especially among the younger generation. However, the point of contention is, what if you get a permanent tattoo but years later it does not resonate with you, what next?

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The common credence is that the most painful part of getting a tattoo is when the ink burns the skin but undeniably regret is more agonizing. In consonance with this common phobia, tattoo piercing is a painful process. The reason for this is that tattoos are drawn in the second layer of the skin, the dermis. The ink has to be permanently pierced into the skin for a long-lasting effect.

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In the tattoo world once you get one tattoo the next one is incoming very soon, for most people at least. Most people who get tattoos done on their bodies do it at a young age of 18 to 35 years. An experience in one's life can thrust them into wanting a tattoo as a reminder or a lesson to be forgotten. The dilemma sets in when you grow past the experience that once defined you. The tattoo then becomes a burden that seems to haunt from sunrise to sunset. Tattoo removal is available nowadays but the cost might be too much to bear.

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Tattoos seem informal most of the time and can change the perception people have about you. In workplaces especially in cultured societies such as Africa hostility is the order of the day. Some social and corporate jobs turn down eligible job seekers for having tattoos. Other religions such as Christianity and Islam also frown upon tattoos. In the medical scene, some privileges can be withheld such as blood donation, for a while.

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Health concerns also circumnavigate tattoos in general. During tattoo, a piercing infection can never be ignorable. Skin infections can be fatal and in most cases, incurable; cancer, paleness, itchy skin, and blood impurity. Most tattoos parlors and artists are licensed businessmen but the products used for tattoos are largely unmonitored. The danger of this ignored necessity resides in unsafe inks and products that irritate the skin.

Getting a tattoo is a personal initiative or otherwise and is a freedom enjoyed by many. However, getting into it is wise to have enough information before getting one. Link up with a dermatologist for skin advice, consult a reputable tattoo artist, identify the right tattoo for you and make sure that you have fully decided to get one.

Thank you for enjoying my article, What do you think about tattoos?

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