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What The Shape Of Your Teeth Tells About Your Personality

The shape of your teeth does not only reveal your nature but also shows your personality. Here are different types of teeth and what they actually mean.

1. Square shaped- People who are square shaped teeth are balanced and objective. They like everything to be in control and are capable of bringing order in all situations. They also like keeping their emotions and feeling under control in all circumstances.

2. Oval shaped- People with this type of teeth are always shy and sheepish especially when in public. They are artistic, ostensibe and creative.

3. Rectangular shaped teeth- Just like the squares, people with this type of teeth like things to be under their control. They are organized and have clear and practical goals in life. They prefer to use their rationale rather than employing the excesses. They are also practical and arr full of creative ideas.

4. Triangular shaped teeth- People with this type of teeth are full of energy which makes them wander from one place to another. They give an impression to onlookers that they are not rooted. They are also dynamic and carefree.

5. Canines that are flat but curvy at the top- People with this type of teeth are passive and take things casually. They also like eating even if they are not hungry.

6. Small teeth- People with relatively small teeth like grinding their teeth always especially when they are idle. The people with this type of teeth also have relatively small bodies just like their teeth. They also have the habit of bitting their nails. They should stop grinding their teeth since this is a severe self harm practice.

7. Prominent Canines- people with prominent canines are very aggressive. This is because of their sharp canines and incisors. They also practice the virtual of patience.

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