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6 Popular Fashion Trends That It’s Time To Let Go

Back zipper pants

Although this model doesn’t look that bad and many women love it because of its original design and the focus on the hips, but many people don’t like these trousers because they claim that they look vulgar and aren’t very comfortable. Actually, it’s up to you to make this choice but when a trend becomes popular quickly, it usually loses its popularity very quickly. It’s likely that this will happen with this trend too and we’ll go back to classic jeans again.

Too much leopard print

There are some stylists who believes that animal prints are a bad choice because these clothes look too posh and aren’t elegant enough. But there’s a secret, less is more. A leopard blouse, a skirt, sneakers, or other small elements can look stylish. But a floor-length skirt, fur coats, and leggings may be too much. If you really want to wear these clothes, choose high-quality fabrics and pay attention to the other elements of your outfit.

Jackets and coats with faux llama fur

The trend was very popular for a while but right now it looks hopelessly outdated. This fur looks too cheap and gaudy. Additionally, it’s difficult to create an outfit with it, and it can also make you look out of style. Consider choosing classic clothes because they're the best. And there’s some great variety of options like a light trench coats, tweed or wool coats, or leather jackets.

Oversized scarves

Some people like scarves that cover their neck and their shoulders as well thinking that it make a very cozy outfit. But the truth is that they distort natural body proportions. It makes your upper body looks too big, especially if you combine the scarf with skinny jeans or skirts and nice shoes. If you want to feel comfy and cozy, the elegant way to do it is by wearing a turtleneck sweater or put on a coat with a small warm scarf under it. If you following these rules, it will help you to avoid awkward proportions.

Light skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are among the most popular fashion trends for women. But this style only looks good on women with a perfect body and it’s important to pay attention to the color as well. It’s better to avoid light colors such as white, and choose the dark ones incase you really want your clothes to hide your imperfections, bring out your best features, and not make you look fuller.

Coat-dresses and tight outwear

Despite the fact that these coats are still on-trend, they look good mostly on petite women who should be careful when choosing this style. This coat accentuates the waist and looks very glamorous. However, finding matching clothes may become a challenge and that's why it’s better to pay attention to other styles like straight coats that go well with jeans, skirts, and dresses.

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