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Royal blue for ladies

The complement of pure blue is pure yellow. Medium blue is opposite orange. Depending on what shade of blue you start with and how many intermediate colors you go through, you can match it up with colors from pinkish-red to yellow-green

The color royal blue represent superiority

Like other blue colors, royal blue symbolizes trust,calm and intelligence

The color attracts to most outfits in ladies and in all occasions can be used unless otherwise

The color looks best with bold colors like red, white ,pale pink and yellow

The color goes with nature too, including; skies, water and tranquility

The color doesn't shout nor whispers

Similarly, the color outfits most hair style outfits in ladies thereby giving them an attention of beauty to their dressing mode

Most ceremonial pavelion are always set up to the beauty by the blue color

Severally, most men outfits go with blue in ladies ,this seem impressive to couples or in a uniform

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