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Traditional remedy for ulcers

Ulcers is a common but a punishing ailment. I have done my research and here with me is a traditional and scientifically proven remedy for ulcers.

Banana peels

Yes banana peels is not only a remedy but a cure for ulcers.

Here is a simple way of making a concoction of banana peels:

First you've to dry the peels under sunshine of course to get rid of moisture.

The banana peels will wilt with time gaining a characteristic black colour.

Then using a piece of flat iron sheet,a pan or any flat good conductor of heat burn the peelings.

After sometimes, ground it using a metal cup as I learnt through apprenticeship to powder.

Wait for it to cool. One is advised to take a half a teaspoon every day after mixing the concoction with a little milk or honey.

In no time you will be as sound as a bell. Thank me later.

Some of other benefits of banana leaves are:

Reduce pimples

Reduce wrinkles

Remedy against bed bugs

Follow me for more of the same.

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