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Tumetoka Mbali! Fashion Transformation From The 1960's To 2020's

It’s apparent that the fashion industry is experiencing a full revolution. Fashion is completely futuristic: what will be in style for the upcoming seasons?

Fashion has become more fast-paced due to the pressure of moving forward and thinking ahead. So how can you love the vintage-inspired dirndl skirt that just came out when you’re already admiring next year’s slip dress?

The transition of fashion from one decade to another played itself like a song on repeat. The ruling tenure of trends and brands was going to see a shortening of age and all of this happened in the 1960’s.

This was for the first time that fashion was driven around the youth market and featured a wide number of diversified trends

In the '60s and '70s, people experimented with styles such as bell-bottom pants, unbuttoned shirts, and flowing jumpsuits all of which were influenced by music and social movements.

By the '80s and '90s, people favored celebrity-inspired ensembles, especially those worn by icons like Naomi Campbell and the late Princess Diana.

In 2000's till to date there have been a evolution in the fashion trends which most have been criticised by most of the people around the globe.

For example as we look back at the year in fashion is to look back at a year of crisis. In the first few months of 2020, as the severity and scale of the coronavirus pandemic became clear, businesses around the world faced incomparable challenges posed by the largest global public health crisis in generations. The fashion industry was not immune.

In regards to that see a comparison of old school and the current fashion trends in the world and be the judge of which you would prefer.

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Tumetoka Mbali


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