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Skin Care

Struggle No More With Acnes

You don't have to worry yourself when you hear the term acnes. These are simply pimples. This refers to a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles plug or get blocked with oil and dead skin cells. This condition tends to distort the appearance of the skin especially the face which makes many people to be uncomfortable and even lower their self-esteem.

Worry no more for there are several ways to get rid of this awful condition. They are as follows;

Wash your face on a daily basis- purpose to clean your face daily without being reminded. Use clean water and the best valid soap which cannot bring harm to your skin. Alternatively,you can be using face wipes if at all you are in a hurry. Dispose the face wipe after using it once.

Use the right face cleanser- you have to be keen when choosing a face cleanser. Be familiar with your face needs and choose a cleanser with the right ingredients which won't bring harm to your face. If your face is so sensitive, choose a cleanser with lactic acid or dehydrating ingredients such as glycerine. If it is oily choose a cleanser with salicylic or glycolic products. Keep in mind that wrong choice of a cleanser may bring more harm to your skin or face.

Change your face towel regularly- maintain a high level of hygiene. Use of a dirty towel can harbor bacteria on your skin or even introduce new ones on your skin. Therefore it is good to be washing your towel after use and also buy new ones if need be.

Avoid over-exfoliating your face- scrubbing your face daily using grainy cleansers or exfoliating products may bring more harm to your face. Do not do it more regularly. You can do it twice a week. If you do it regularly,you may end up getting negative results instead of positive ones. Excess scrubbing of your face may lead to redness, inflammation and even irritation.

Minimize on the use of make-up; at least once in a while give your face a break especially when you are working out. This reduces the risk of acnes on your face. In addition to that, maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. Consume less of junk food. Take a well balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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