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Skin Care

Benefits Of Adding Common Salt In Bathing Water

Salt, a basic household ingredient, was once so valuable that it was employed as a form of currency in ancient Ethiopia in the 16th century, and while much has changed in the 21st century, its value has not. Aside from seasoning that sizzling piece of mutura, salting your bathing water offers a few hidden benefits.

Removes Smelly Feet

Smelly feet, also known as Bromodosis in medical terms, have long been a reason why most people are hesitant to remove their shoes in public, knowing that the moment you untie your laces, you may cause discomfort to those unfortunate enough to be in the same room with you. To get rid of the scents, soak your feet in a solution of warm water and salt.

Eczema Cure Options

Eczema is a skin condition that affects both children and adults and causes red, itchy skin. Although there are no proven cures for eczema, swimming in salt water has been known to alleviate symptoms including itching and skin reddening.


Bathing in salt water or spraying your skin with a salt-water solution effectively cleanses your skin by eliminating toxins and pore-clogging oils that cause acne breakouts. It is easier for your skin to absorb minerals if your pores are clean.

1Muscle Tension Has Been Released

According to studies, bathing with Epsom salt and water lowers muscle inflammation and relieves tense muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back. This is a great hack for people who spend their days glued to their laptops.

It's crucial to remember that rinsing with clean water after a salty bath can help keep the salt from drying on your skin.

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