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Skin Care

10 best secrets paths to beauty that most beauty queens use.

Most of the ladies love being regarded to be beautiful, gorgeous, good looking and pretty but however sometimes they find themselves messed up by the way their beauty displays in most cases. This results in insecurity within, low self esteem and a lack of confidence, thus hindering their natural stature as beauty queens. You need not to worry about a thing.

In this article, we bring you some good secret paths that you can apply that will bring your natural glory of beauty back to you.


The secret weapon for a perfect skin picture is cleansing. The skin collects dirt as we go through our daily routines and lead to clogging of pores giving you a dull and irritating skin.cleansing is a sure way to get rid of the grime and also achieve great looking skin. By cleansing, you make the skin more receptive to your moisturizer. Cleansing also helps you improve blood circulation and stimulates skin cells. The best time to cleanse is in the evening before going to bed in order to get rid of the day's build up dirt on the skin. When choosing a cleanser, it is important to know your skin type. Is your skin oily, very dry, combination or is it a normal skin? You should also have a deep cleansing facial once a month.

2.Make Up

Never go to bed with your make-up on because it infections. Wear tested well-known brands from reputable retailers in town. The beautician should first try make-up on your chin to know if it is the right shade for you.


Go to the gym this remaining part of the year and get back in shape. You can also create your own exercise routine including power walks, jogging, running, cycling, swimming and gym. This will not only leave you with a good body shape but keep you off from some diseases.

4.Eat Right.

Having plenty of fruits at your meal table isn't a show off sign neither are those banquets meant for decoration. Have plenty of fruits in your diet this remaining part of the year. A lot of water, you shouldn't just take water when your throat feels thirst, water is an essential thing in our body as all body functioning take place in conjunction with water. This shows how important this water is for your body and skin. 8-10 glasses of water can be spread out throughout the day.

5.Foot Care.

Have a pedicure at least twice a month. It is not only recommended for your feet, but it's also a good way to relax. For a DIY (Do It Yourself) at home, buy yourself a pumice stone and and foot spa to use in the comfort of your home.


You should also have a manicure every two weeks. Always have a good Velvety hand lotion on you at all times to keep the hands moisturized. This will keep them soft and supple.


Have a body scrub done once a month by a professional in a spa or salon to improve your skin's radiance.You can also buy a body scrub and use it at home once a week. Remember to oil the body at night before going to bed because the body rests at night and it is the perfect time for the skin to absorb or regain moisture.


Don't fret about the pain because the end result is worth it,especially the under arm. You avoid shaving bumps and the hair takes much longer to grow back; up to eight weeks. Always use a liquid deodorant to avoid white under arms that soil the top or that show when wearing sleeveless tops.


Breasts are often forgotten but they are very important. Always wear a good supportive bra; the heavier the bust the stronger the strap. Oil the breast after a bath and massage them upwards to maintain the lift and keep them supple.


Tired of your hairstyle? Try out something new. If you have long hair, short hair is in this year and if you don't want it too short you can go for a style that goes slightly above your shoulder. You can also boost your appearance with a temporary hair color.

Try out this for some time, and the results you will get, you will return to thank us for they will be great and enormous.

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