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Why Should People Maintain Proper Nail Hygiene?

.A nail is a tough covering protecting the tip of fingers and toes.They are made of tough protective protein called Alpha-keratin.Nails needs to be maintained and well taken care of.Here are some of the ways to maintain healthy nails.

Keep nails clean and dry.This prevents them from attracting dirt which may have germs causing diseases.This should be highly encouraged in children since they are at high risk of contracting germs during their play time.

Clip nails regularly.It's advisable to use sharp nail cutter, since it leaves nails intact and doesn't temper with the nail cuticle.You should not bite fingernails to trim them, this can transfer germs from hands to mouth, which is a suitable place for supporting breeding of germs.

Wear well fitting shoes.Wearing small closed shoes can damage nail cuticle and cause pain to the toes.Changing shoes regularly is recommended to avoid bad odours from the feet.

Taking food rich in protein, encourages growth of healthy nails,since nails are made out of proteins.Foods like eggs, lean meat and nuts are highly recommended for this case.

Visit a dermatologist regularly if u have extremely damaged nails.You can get advised on what to do to improve them and also get a cure where needed.

Use of base coat.This creates a barrier that protects nails from harsh effects of the polish.It helps do away with staining and peeling of the cuticle.This promotes fine texture of the nails.

When clipping tough and thick toenails, it's advisable to soak your feet in luke warm water for about ten minutes before cutting them.This helps fine cutting of nails and protect damaging of nail cuticle.


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