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Milly Wajesus Flaunts New Hairstyle Rocking In Temporary Dreadlocks.

Today Milly Wajesus can't keep calm and she wanted to unveil her latest hairstyle from Miden Hair Parlor, rocking in temporary dreadlocks. Milly is an influential brand ambassador. Milly is the wife to Kabi Wajesus and is currently a mum to two children. Temporary Dreadlocks simply means those locks which can be undone when someone gets tired of them and they are normally stitched using a needle. Permanent locks are the ones which are mostly waxed and are very difficult to untangle unless you shave them.

Milly feels so confident in her new hairstyle and she has flaunted her hairstyle before the transformation and this is how she looked.

Below is Milly's look after her transformation.

PleaPlease comment down below on how you rate Milly's latest hairstyle. Is it a Hit or is it a miss? Please comment down below and share your honest reviews if you can consider trying out this new hairstyle.

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