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The Cost Of Buying A Brand New Singer Sewing Machine In Kenya

Sewing as an economic activity has of late turned to be a very competitive industry as well as a legit way for many people to earn an income. This is due to the high demand of different types and designs of dress by the public each and every day.

Fashion is today a major factor of consideration across all the ages which includes children, the middle aged and the elderly.

For these reasons, fashion and design is a promising industry to invest your money in today. This is because people will always dress irrespective of the hard economic conditions or poor weather. This simply means that you will always find something however small back to the house at the end of the day.

This industry is also boosted today by the many functions and ceremonies such as weddings, burials, graduations and events which all requires different designs of clothes.

The cost of these machines varies from one another in Kenya depending on their quality and the size of the table used. For instance, a brand new singer sewing machine retails in Kenya at a range of Ksh 12,500 to 25,000. This amount can as well shoot upto Ksh 35,000 if the table is also included. Here is a section of a price list for some shops in Kenya.

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