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Different Variants Of Red And How To Wear Them

Do you wear a lot of red? If you don't, maybe you should. Red is a powerful color. It is the color of love, leadership, passion and courage. It is a bold statement that is versatile which is a more reason why you should have it in your closet. A whole spectrum of reds go from almost pint to almost dark purple. To help with your journey of getting more red in your closet and life in general,here are different types of red and how to wear them.

1. Primary Red

This is the standard red you know and love. It is bright and bold and hardly goes unnoticed. It is the red we know from childhood and Valentine's day that is fun, playful and powerful. The complementary color for red on the color wheel is green. Red and green are not for everyone and so you can pair this shade with colors of the same family such as pink, mustard yellow, caramel or gray.

2. Burgundy

It is often confused with maroon and looks more like red wine. Burgundy pairs well with anything from the yellow family as well as lighter colors such as gray and turquoise and darker colors like navy. Get some burgundy into your wardrobe.

3. Cardinal Red

Cardinal red is darker than primary red but not as dark as the dark shades of red such as maroon or burgundy. It works great dark base such as black, gray or dark blue. For a trendier look,you can try Cardinal red with turquoise.

4. Blush

One of the lightest shade of red is blush. It is so light that it almost looks pink. It goes well with both dark and light shades depending on the vibe you want to present.

Which is your favorite shade of red? Let me know in the comment section. Remember to like and share this article.

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