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Stop Doing This if you Want Your Hair to Grow

You've probably heard the hair growth is strictly dependent on genes, this is however not completely true. While genetics does play a significant role in the rate at which your hair grows, it is not the only thing that will determine weather or not you have long hair. A little tender loving care will help most anything, including hair, grow.

Too much heat

This one is pretty obvious, too much heat on your hair will only damage it. Regular blow dries (more than once in two weeks) silk press and being in the drier plus a whole lot of other heat treatments will not only kill healthy microorganisms but will also weaken your hair and cause hair loss.

High manipulation styles

The thing about hair is that the little you mess with it, the better chances of it actually growing. This is why people with dreadlocks have such high growth rates, they leave their hair alone. If you're however constantly styling and combing and twisting your hair in every direction, you might not get the length you desire.

Coconut oil is not for everyone.

The thing about coconut oil is that it's so saturated with fats that it completely cots hair strands and prevents water from getting into the hair thus making your hair dry and brittle. For some types of hair though, it works great but you might want to experiment and know what works for you before settling on a product.

What you eat.

Hair grows from the inside out so what you eat will most definitely determine the quality and strength of your hair. Foods full of 'the good fat' like eggs, avocado and fatty fish are a good boost to the natural hair. Too much vitamin A is also not great for your hair, most importantly drink water.

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