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Wigs Aside: Media Personality Lillian Muli Flaunts Her Adorable Natural Hair

For sometime now celebrated media personality Lillian Muli has been known as one who unapologetically wholeheartedly embraces the practice of donning wigs.

Photo: Lillian Muli

She has infact rocked them on endless occasions whenever she graces the newsroom to air the daily bulletins, to the point that some may say it's her beloved hairstyle.

This has always left many people over the years wondering about what lies beneath the wigs, as it is a something that is always very rare to see.

Images; courtesy

However in a recent post on her insta stories the renowned Citizen TV news anchor gave netizens a sneak peek of her natural hair, which she had been recently made into cornrows.

Via the post Lillian Muli also revealed to netizens that her natural hair is so light, that it just lifts within a day of being braided as shown below.

When it comes to why she embraces her normal wig routines, many speculations have always been raised.

The most famous one is the rumour that the sassy mother of two once had suffered an injury that left a scar on her forehead upto date.

It was claimed that this is the main reason why she covers it with wigs, and never wanted it to be seen by people all the time.

However this is just not the case because in the photo that she paraded, she doesn't have the purported scar.

Hence it's reported that she just wears wigs to protect her natural hair.

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Lillian Muli


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