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Why The Maasai Community Always Wears Red Coloured Clothings

The Maasai group is one of the most famous tribes in the culture of Africa living along the Great Rift Valley, a large tract of land between Kenya and Tanzania. Therefore the world knows them for their unique way of life, cultural habits and customs, cattle-herding abilities and as highly-skilled warriors.

The Maasai Community are recognised across the globe through their red clothes and high jumps.

Traditionally, the Maasai dressed in animal skin but now they wear red clothes wrapped around their body. With also a great amount of bearded jewellery around their necks, arms and head.

The women shave their heads and are dressed in colourful clothing. They also pierce their ears and stretch their earlobes.

Maasai jewellery plays a big part in their culture and also has meaning to it. Some general meanings for a few colours are; = warrior/blood/bravery. Being a warrior is of great importance.

The Maasai are a warrior tribe so becoming a great warrior is the ultimate goal in life for young boys. From a very young age, boys are trained to become a great warrior and an excellent herder. Big and brave warriors who have earned their respect are celebrated throughout their lives.

2. white = peace, = water.

Also, Maasai men can recognize a single lady or someone who is married by the way the women are dressed. And Warriors are the only members of the tribe to wear long hair.

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