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Skin Care

Health benefits of eating guavas at least once in every week

May Have an Anticancer Effect

Guava leaf extract has been shown to have an anticancer effect. Test-tube and animal studies show that guava extract can prevent and even stop the growth of cancer cells.

This is likely due to the high levels of powerful antioxidants that prevent free radicals from damaging cells, one of the main causes of cancer. One test-tube study found that guava leaf oil was four times more effective at stopping cancer cell growth than certain cancer drugs. An experiment was conducted though the results of test-tube experiments are promising, it doesn’t mean that guava leaf extract helps treat cancer in people. Further studies are needed before any claims can be made.

Eating Guavas May Be Good for Your Skin

The wide range of vitamins and antioxidants packed into a guava may work wonders on your skin. Its antioxidants may protect your skin from damage, which can slow down its aging process, helping prevent wrinkles. What is more, guava leaf extract may even help treat acne when applied directly to your skin.

One test-tube study found that guava leaf extract was effective at killing acne-causing bacteria likely due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. More studies are needed to confirm the role of guavas and guava extract in maintaining healthy skin.

 May Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Some evidence suggests that guava can improve blood sugar control.Several test-tube and animal studies found that guava leaf extract improved blood sugar levels, long-term blood sugar control, and insulin resistance.

This is good news for people with diabetes or those at risk.A few studies involving humans have also shown impressive results.One study in 19 people noted that drinking guava leaf tea lowered blood sugar levels after a meal. The effects lasted up to two hours. Another study in 20 people with type 2 diabetes found that drinking guava leaf tea reduced blood sugar levels after a meal by more than 10%.

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