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Biggest turn-offs for women

Trousers that are way too tight. Yeah, they just make you look feminine

Worn out underwear. This is just cringe worthy

Vests. Vests are outdated. If you must wear something, wear an undershirt

Too many accessories. Too much bracelets on the hands is just immature

Wearing too many designer labels

An ill fitted suit. Never underestimate the power of a well fitted suit

Socks and flip flops/sandals

Sports sunglasses. This is just outdated

Too much cologne. When it comes to fragrance, less is always more. Over applying cologne just makes it seem like you are trying too hard

Baseball caps.


Cargo shorts

Deep V-neck. This makes you look like a player

Low hanging jeans. There is a reason jeans have a waistline.

Leather trousers

Wearing sunglasses indoors. Ladies just hate guys who wear sunglasses indoors

Wearing the wrong type of shoes for the occasion. Wear shoes that match whatever occasion you are heading to.

Graphic T-Shirt

Stand out socks

Jeans that don't fit

Stained or torn clothes

Bulky belts

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