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Cheap Natural Alternatives For Skin Care Management

Skin care is good for the skin to shed off dead cells, keep the skin glowing and prevent acnes and wrinkles.

Most people think that for one to do skin care, they must try expensive products and cosmetics, but that's not the case. There are cheap and easy to get natural alternatives that anyone can find them. These include;

Banana peels.Rubbing a banana peel over the skin is good for reducing acnes, lightens the skin and reduces wrinkles. They contain Vitamin B and many antioxidants that are great for the skin and act as a moisturizer.

Black nightshade leaves. This plant has been known to be used in treatment of cancer, hypertension, fever, jaundice and any more. But apart from these, it can be used for Psoriasis, a condition in which dead skin cells accumulate and become scaly- like.

It has also be known to get rid of ringworms.

Pumpkin leaves. Pumpkin leaves contain Vitamin A,C and E and antioxidants that reduce wrinkles and fight sunburns.

They naturally exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce inflammation by speeding up wound healing and reduces acnes.

Coconut oil. Most common natural product for skin care. It helps to get rid off sunburns .

Aloe vera sap. The sap of Aloe vera plant can be used a face mask as it has moisturizering properties. It is also used for treatment of acnes and sunburns.

Mint Juice. Mint is known to reduce itchiness and irritation caused by mosquitoe bites. Apart from that, it hydrates the skin, removes sunburns and refreshens the skin.

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