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Do This if you Burn Yourself with Cooking Oil

A burn is a tissue damage from heat, electricity,chemicals,friction or utra_violet radiation. There are various types of burns with different levels of severity.

The most minor is a first degree burn which affects the outermost layer of the skin. It will be red but not blistered. The second degree burn means the dermis(layer beneath the outer layer of the skin)has been damaged,blisters and burns are painful when touched. The fourth degree burns damage deeper levels of the skin and tissue underneath.

Superficial burns takes three to six days to heal. Superficial partial thickness burns usually takes less than three weeks to heal. Deep partial thickness burns usually take more than three weeks to heal.

Incase you accidentally burnt yourself or someone this is the procedure to undergo; Place the burned area under running cold water to prevent swelling. After about 15 to 20 minutes,clean the burn with soap and water and wrap it in a clean gauze pad or bandage. Covering the burn and avoiding exposure is the best way to prevent infection for cooking oil burn or any other burn injury.

Do not put ice on burn,it can make it worse. Cotton balls should not be used because the small fibres can stick to the burn and cause infection. For quick healing do not break the blisters.

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