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Benefits of Rice water for the hair

Rice water contains Inositol, a carbohydrate that helps strengthen elasticity and reduce surface friction. Check out here the benefits of rice water for the hair.

Improve hair growth: Nothing better than rice water to decrease hair fall and improve hair growth. The Amino acids present in rice water,help in the regeneration of hair and aid faster growth of your hair.

Reduce split ends: Split ends make you look like a mess, your hair needs protein to avoid split ends are inadequate maintainance and pollution which leads to an overall degeneration in the health of your hair. The Amino acids present in the rice water come to your rescue and repair the damage. Soak your split ends in rice water for 15-20 minutes and then wash your hair.

Protect hair from damage: Rice water decreases surface friction and improves hair elasticity. It contains a carbohydrate called Inositol that repairs damaged hair and protects the hair.

Strengthen the hair roots and smoothens the hair: Rice water is rich in Amino acids- this is something you already know. It strengthen your hair roots, add shine to hair and makes it smooth and silky.

Cure dandruff: Dandruff is a menace. It is like a plague attacking your head, leaving a shower of white mist on your clothing. It is utterly embarrassing and a cause of itching and irritation.

Rice water gives you respite from dandruff and with regular use, helps you combat the problem altogether. For that to happen, you must rinse your hair with rice water regularly.

Make the hair silky and shiny: Who doesn't want silky and shiny hair? It is what we all dream about. And rice water can make it happen. All you have to do is use rice water as a hair mask, leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off. Follow it up with shampoo and conditioner. It works even better if you add some rose water to your rice water solution.

Ok guys you will see the results for yourself!

Content created and supplied by: NaomiK (via Opera News )



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