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7 Things Your Face Can Tell About Your Health

Pale skin

Discoloration of the skin is a very common problem among people and those with pale complections are always advised to get checked for anemia. Keep in mind that this problem require more attention because if the paleness is localized, meaning it’s on one particular part of the body like the face or a limb, you should consult your doctor immediately. An important fact that you should remember is that, paleness or pallor could be due to a reduced blood flow, low oxygen levels in the body or a decreased number of red blood cells. Environmental factors such as lack of sun exposure, frostbite or very low blood pressure can cause paleness.

Cracked lips

Most of us get chapped lips from time to time because of excessive dryness and dehydration, which mostly occur during the winter months. But don't forget that chapped lips may be a more serious health problem and if the lips don’t improve despite several treatments, the condition could be more serious. Persistent chapped lips could also be caused by cheilitis. Cheilitis is caused by dehydration, dry air, contact dermatitis, biting, and even some medications.


They’re are considered to be harmless growths on the human body. You must seek doctor's attention if the is asymmetrical, has hair growing out of it it, has a unique color or is more than 6 millimeters in diameter. Fortunately, if you find an extra number of moles, it could help you stay younger for longer.


If you usually get sores around your lips or nostrils, you should know that there are cold sores which are generally caused by the type 1 herpes virus. Although these are treatable, they tend to come back again and again. This virus stays with you forever and the sores are generally triggered by bad health, stress, excessive tiredness, or a lot of sun according to doctors. Despite the fact that these sores go away on their own, if they’re unusually big or occur too frequently, you're advised to consult your doctor.

Facial paralysis

If paralysis only occurs in the face, and you can move the rest of your body normally, it might be a condition called Bell’s palsy. A person suffering from this is usually is unable to move one side of their face. They also complain of pain in their jaw and behind their ears. The cause of this condition is unknown, but it’s thought to be triggered by a viral reaction that presses your facial nerves, which causes pain and swelling. This starts developing over a few hours or sometimes a few days and can be cured within 3 to 6 months.

Horizontal lines on the forehead

We are all aware that everyone gets lines and wrinkles on their faces depending on their age. And we can all admit that we hate them and often try to get rid of them. But what most people didn't know is that, they aren’t just signs of aging because they sometimes reveal a lot about your overall physical health. These lines on the face can depict various things, especially the horizontal ones. They’re also called stress lines, meaning that you’re under a lot of stress. They’re also an indication of a poor diet and little hydration.

Eye bags and puffiness around eyes

The presence of swollen and puffy eyes are usually associated with sleeplessness or late nights. You should try to catch up on sleep with some light naps and a stricter sleep schedule. But if the problem persists, there could be an underlying issue. The puffiness could be a result of fluid buildup below your eyelids. The reason for this could be allergies, crying jags, or a high salt intake.

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