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5 Places We Need To Put Sunscreen On But Often Miss


You may think that hair protects your scalp so you do not need covering but the sun can easily cause scalp damage and things may get worse when you decide to swim in the ocean or a pool. Your hair gets dried up due to effects of any chlorine and salt.


You should not ignore you lips especially on the summer. This part should also be applied sunscreen because prolonged sun exposure leads to numerous ramifications especially on your lower lip. Also another effect of sun damage on lips is lip discoloration


Think about it, when you lie with your belly, you expose the bottom of your feet to the sun; this means you should apply sunscreen even on your bottom feet. The skin here is sensitive and burns really quickly, just take care of it and everything will be good


The area under your eye might darken and become red if you do not protect it, it is essential to take care of this area too. The sun rays can deepen your wrinkles; in addition this area is very sensitive because it is the first area that may show premature aging


You should protect this organ too especially if you have short hair or your hair is pulled back therefore exposing the ears. The area is also at high risk for malignancies where it can even appear in the middle part of your ear. However, it is relatively protected area.

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