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4 Things Ladies Should Stop Doing To Attract Men

1. Make up. Ladies love competing among each other to to see who looks more beautiful than the other. The main reason as to why they do this is to get the attention of men. They apply layers of makeup on their faces to achieve this. What they however don't know is that men hate makeups. Even though they make you look good, men love ladies who are all natural and not fake. So avoid makeup if you want to attract men.

2. Fingernails fixing. Nowadays every lady is dying to have the long fake plastic nails. Some put on some that are very long and think that they make them look sexy. The truth however is that men don't love the long fingernails. They actually love natural ones that are not too long.

3. Drawing and coloring of eyelashes. This is not done by all ladies but those who do it always think it makes them look attractive. Some use different colors on the eyelids to get the attention of men. Most men don't like it at all. They actually hate ladies who put on a lot of colors on their eyes as it makes them look ugly instead of being attractive. Just apply a simple eye pencil and you are good.

4. Nose rings. This has become something that every lady wants to try. Not all ladies look attractive with nose rings. You shouldn't do something because someone else does it. Nose rings make some ladies look awful and this pisses off men.

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