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How to Look Expensive and Boujee Without Trying Hard.

As a lady, it reaches a point where you just want to level up in your twenties and look presentable. Here are simple tips to help you start off the journey of looking like an expensive boss lady.

1:Avoid chipped nails.

Chipped nails is an embarrassment on a girl's part. It shows how careless and ignorant a lady .Show yourself some love by getting your nails done at least on a weekly basis to avoid looking broke and lazy.

2: Always wear sassy colours.

Colours like brown,grey, cream and white are literally sassy and warm .They bring out the beauty of the skin and allow accessories to blend in easily. Remember to avoid letting yourself down by wearing fading clothes that might turn off sensitive people around you.

3: Maintain a neat hair style.

Always ensure your hair is done, don't neglect your hair until it looks sticky and greasy before you run to the saloon for a new hairdo or a repair.

4:Have an upright posture.

When in public places try sitting in am upright posture to help bring out the independent boss in you try not to arch your back and and give people tired facials. Why put on that gloss if you can't smile.

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