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Opinion: 5 Steps You Should Take To Avoid Contracting Vitiligo And Have A Healthier Skin

Vitiligo as we all know is a no cure autoimmune condition in which cells that produce skin pigment are attacked and majorly destroyed prompting a change of the skin color to white patches. Many people who suffer from this condition mostly wonder if the skin disease can be cured or what could be done to either reduce it's recurrence or worsening. Did you know that our dietary lifestyle choices can be a major impact of it's establishment?. Here are 5 nutritional steps you should take to avoid contracting Vitiligo and make your skin healthier.


For a healthier skin and prevention of Vitiligo, a good nutritional diet is always recommended. Being an autoimmune disorder, one may benefit from immune system boost foods that generally contain antioxidants, phytochemicals and beta- carotene. Below are some of the foods consumed to avoid contracting Vitiligo and avoiding more recurrence of the disorder.

1. Dates and figs

2. Bananas

3. Root vegetables especially beet roots.

4. Green vegetables that include Kales and indeginious greens.

5. Apples.


1. Avoid stress

Stress can be very harmful to the body regardless of the condition. Stress may not naturally cause Vitiligo but excess stress may lead to growth of patches born from Vitiligo.

2. Avoid UV Sun Rays

To avoid contracting Vitiligo, you are advised to avoid too much UV Sun Rays that majorly destroy your skin pigment giving way to vitiligo.

3. Eat A Healthy Diet

Just as any other condition, we are expected to consume healthy dietary choices that are rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals and beta-carotene to help our bodies fight against vitiligo contraction or recurrence. Additional examples include foods rich in Zinc and Vitamin C.

4. Application Of Basil Leaves On Skin

According to research basil leaves are known to contain anti-aging and anti-viral properties which are important for preventing vitiligo. Mixing and application lime juice with these leaves on our skin everyday stimulates the production of melanin on our skin.

5. Drink Water From Copper Vessels

Minerals have always been among best ways in keeping our bodies healthy. Taking water from copper vessels decreases chances of contracting Vitiligo. Water stored in copper vessels will increase melanin production once consumed in our skin and generate healthier skin.

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