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Meet The Lady That Turned to Black Before Transformation

She has proven that black is a beauty indeed. She amazed many around the world but doesn't regret the decision she made. Her photos looking like a black woman have since gone viral on social media platforms.

She is one of the celebrated white women. Martina's transformation began after injecting herself with melanin. As we all know, black people have more natural skin pigment identified as melanin that makes them have their skin color.

Martina took her initiative time to inject more of that to make her turn from white to black. She was a stunning and charming white woman as you can see on the photos uploaded to this article.

Her main goal in the process of transformation was to announce that black women are also human beings that should be given priority when making decisions.

 She said that several black women have gone through humiliation because of their skin color. She is a true indication that black lives matter. To enhance her transformation, Martina was given a Swahili name after she was baptized in Kenya.

Her new name is 'Malaika Kubwa'. Maybe she was given that name because she came to the rescue of black in Africa. 

Martina's husband has given her his full support as she stands with the motion that black lives matter. We wish them all the best in future endeavors.

Content created and supplied by: Jacky (via Opera News )

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