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Gorgeous African Hairstyle That Will Make You Rock In Beauty

Hair is the beauty and glory of every woman. When a woman hair is perfectly made, it adds confidence to you. Beautiful and well made hair fits every woman and adds confidence. No matter the shape of your head or shape of your face, there is a hair style that must fit you. We have made compilations of 5 different hair styles you would rock your beauty when next you visit the saloon, and you must surely fall in love with it.


Cornrow is simply a hair style that you weave from the front hair down to the back. It is a hair style that will make you look younger. It is cost and time effective. It allows the hair to grow faster and allow a good amount of air to enter into the hair. When the hair is due, loosening it is as well easy.


Dread locks and Faux locks look natural and give women this bold look. Men love to see women rock this hair styles. These locks are sold in the market and can be fixed with simply using latch hook or crotchet to attach it to the hair. It is easy to make and last for you at least one to two months.


Ghana braid is the hair style you make by adding extensions/attachment to the hair intermittently while the weaving is in process. It takes a while to finish but the outcome is indeed excellent for any kind of face shape. Check out some amazing Ghana braid styles below:


Low cut is the last on our list because women are not into cutting of their hair. Only few bold women who have a good shape of hair that can rock this. It really gives us a break from stressing our hair. It gives the hair ample time to recover from breakage and allows fresh air into our hair. Low cut helps to define beautiful facial features, as well as making one look extremely good on her as seen in the photo below.


Braids are gorgeous hair style that fits any woman. It is made by adding a moderate size of extensions to the hair which is parted in box, circle or triangular form. It lasts well and gives the hair ample time to grow. You can rock it either in short form or long form. Packing the hair too is fun because you can make several styles of the braid.

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