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Queen Elizabeth 2 Diamond Whose Worth is 40 Billion Shillings

Diamond is known to be one of the most expensive mineral in the world, it is mined in many countries in the world but Botswana is currently the leading, diamond is mostly used in making jewelries and it is the hardest natural occuring material in the world.

Queen Elizabeth 2 of the United Kingdom owns the largest clear cut diamond in the world which is popularly known as 'The Great Star of Africa' for it originated from Africa, the 530 carats gem was mined in South Africa back in 1905 during the colonization period before it was taken to England.

One of the things that makes it to be very unique is it's price, the diamond is estimated to worth Kenya shillings 40 billion making it the most expensive single piece of diamond on earth, the diamond is currently fixed in the rod of the queen so as to make it attractive.

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