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How One Of The Richest Woman In The World And A Fashion Icon Ruined Her Body

If you are a fashion forward person, chances are you have come across or heard the term Versace on numerous occasions. The fashion and design powerhouse is synonymous with celebrities and the rich. Versace was not however an overnight success. The company's turnaround is mainly credited to one woman, Donatella Versace.

Donatella has put Versace on the map and is one of the most unique and identifiable fashion brands today. Donatella has however ruined her once beautiful face with countless plastic surgeries. The list of cosmetic procedures that Donatella has undergone include Botox injections, rhinoplasty which is commonly referred to as a nose job, forehead lift, change the appearance and shape of lips.

The fashion genius now looks a pale shadow of her former glorious self. Versace's skin also now looks a bit waxy, which many plastic surgeons attribute to multiple laser treatment. Donatella is reported to be worth around 500 million dollars.

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