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Skin Care

The Virtues of Carrot oil

Carrots are said to make you feel good, but not only that: carrots make you beautiful. Transformed into a vegetable oil, it gives a healthy glow, nourishes the skin and repairs the hair. 3 good reasons to bet on this 100% natural active ingredient, full of vitamins and essential fatty acids.

It evens out the complexion

Carrot oil, rich in beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A), is mainly known for its action on the complexion. Applied under make-up, it evens out the skin tone, gives radiance and provides a healthy glow thanks to its slightly orange tint.

It is also an excellent natural self-tanner, light and discreet. Used daily as a face and/or body treatment, pure or diluted in our usual cream, it gives us surprising results.

Finally, it also prepares our skin before exposure to the sun. It can be taken internally, as a food supplement or as a replacement for our usual oil. In after-sun care, it helps to prolong the tan while preserving the skin: an indispensable partner in summer.

It cares for the skin

Nourishing, protective, regenerating and antioxidant, carrot oil is recommended for dry and sensitive skin.

It can be used as a daily care product to protect the skin from external aggressions such as wind, cold or pollution. In winter, we can count on it to relieve chapped skin. In dry weather, simply apply a few drops directly to the lips with your fingers. If you are prone to acne, you can add a little carrot oil to your usual cream. It will activate the healing process.

It enhances the hair

Carrot oil is versatile and can also be used for hair care. A few drops are enough to restore a little shine and softness.

Very nourishing, it can be applied as a hair mask. To do this, simply coat the ends and lengths of your hair with the oil, leave it on for a few hours, and then shampoo as usual.

If your hair is very dry or curly, don't hesitate to apply a little on the ends at night before going to bed. The product will be absorbed during the night and will also help to protect the ends against rubbing and breakage. 

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