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Skin Care

5 Things You Keep Doing Wrong In The Bathroom

We all commit some common restroom blunders without realizing it. We have therefore created a list to aid you in reflecting on these errors and attempting to alter your restroom routine.

1. You flush with the lid up on the toilet.

When you flush, the water's force can propel feces at least six feet outside the pot depending on how much urine or feces is being flushed into the drain. Because of this, each time you flush, remember to close the lid first.

2. You fail to properly clean your toothbrush. Studies have frequently revealed that a toothbrush may contain a staggering 10 million germs, including the horrifying E. coli.

just give it a 10- to 15-second microwave. Perform it once each week. We advise that you change your toothbrush at least once every two weeks if you're one of those lazy people who can't be bothered to clean their brushes.

3. You shave a lot too quickly.

After taking a shower, patting yourself dry with a towel is the best course of action. Apply the body lotion if you enjoy moisturizing before your body becomes dehydrated. Your skin will start to absorb the lotion only then.

4. You Do Not Make Your Bathroom Slip-Resistant

It frequently happens in restroom accidents. In fact, research reveal that slipping causes close to 81 percent of injuries that occur in bathrooms. You can go ahead and get those non-slip mats and place them in the tub or on the floor of your bathroom.

5. You haven't been using the restroom in the shower

It may seem strange to you, but it is strongly advised that you follow your urge to urinate when taking a shower. Allow the urge to come and go. We say this because the primary component of urine, urea, is thought to maintain our skin healthy hydrated and to prevent itching.

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