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What The Shape Of Your Lips Tells About Your Personality

The shape of lips can actually reveal the personality of a person. Here is different types of lips and what they mean.

1. Natural lips- These are balanced lips which are not too thin or too stout where the lower lip and the upper one are proportionate and of the same size and shape. People with normal lips are not too emotional or short-tempered. They are also good listeners to people.

2. Thin- People with thin lips like to be alone. They can spend hours alone and still can't get bored or feel lonely. However, they can still get away with social gatherings. They are poor in managing money and business because of lack of interest in socializing.

3. Full, Puffy Lips- People with this type of lips like putting themselves first. They give the impression to onlookers that they are self obsessed, although they are not. They also like to look for perfection and beauty in all things.

4. Cupid's Bow- People with this type of lips love to enomor people with their oratory skills. They like forgiving for the occasional nasty things unintentionally done to them.

5. Thin and Thick- This is where the upper lip is thicker than the lower lip or vice versa. People who possess this type of lips like arguing with people who are pleasure seekers against material possessions. Also, they are stoic and disagree with those having hedonistic ideologies. Their emotions are firm and strong. On the other hand, people with lower lip that is thicker than the upper one are full of enthusiasm. They do everything with confidence. They see everything possible.

6. Pointed natural- These are lips that are rounded with sharp ends. People with this type are very sensitive and their ability to sense other people's problems makeshift them a great empath. They also like helping people in need.

7. V-shaped philtrum- People with this type of lips are very creative and like socializing. They mentally associates with things well which makes them creative.

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