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People Used To Call Me Charcoal Because Of My Skin Color And I'll Not Bleach, Pozee Claims

Willy Paul has today lamented that some people used to mock him because of his skin color back in the day.In an Instagram post that he wrote earlier today he said,

People used to laugh at my color,some still do They use to call me charcoal..yaani walidai Niko mweusi Sana and not what they expected.Well it's my life and color right? And I'm way too comfortable na rangi yangu.Yes black and proud n that's why this nigga is never bleaching!!

Pozee has always been a dramatic musician and always does all he can do be on trend.Currently he has announced that he is working on an album that he will be releasing soon.

That's why he has been trending more of late.He has been accused by signee Miss P of sexual harrasment.Miss P also is on course for an album so probably all that is marketing strategy for their albums.

Whether the event Pozee narrated was a true happening or whether it's one of his clout chases is unknown.

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