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Skin Care

Simple habits to adapt into your skin care routine that will give you a glowing skin

Whenever we see someone with smooth beautiful skin, we mostly tell ourselves that they have great genes and don't get breakouts like the rest of us right?. But this is just a lie we tell ourselves to not admit that these people put in a lot of effort day and night to maintain healthy beautiful skin.

It's about time we try to put in the effort too and here are super simple habits to get into that will get you that ultimate glow;

1.Water- Keep yourself hydrated, this is just about the easiest habit to get used to for great skin, keep your water bottle filled all the time and within your reach.

2.Never squeeze a pimple, this is a hard one because its so tempting but squeezing a pimple out and nobody wants to walk around with zits on our faces, but popping them actually makes them worse, it leads to more infection and leaves black or brown marks once healed which take forever to fade away.

3.Steam your face, another easy skin care routine, put boiling water in a bowl and cover your head while you lean over the steam. And you don't have to do this often, thrice a month is more than enough.

4.Wash your face twice a day. Make sure you wash your face every morning after waking up and at night before going to sleep.

5.Moisturize everyday, get yourself a moisturizer and apply it on your face, could be a cream, or an oil, baby oil also works perfectly.

Follow these guidelines and see your skin thank you for it. Good luck ladies.

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