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2 Simple Business Ideas That Can Make You Rich In Less Than 4 Weeks

Doing business is the sure way to gain financial freedom, today if you can put some of the skills that you have in business you can really go very far financially. In Kenya these days, we have may business skills which have not been exploited because those who owns them are reluctant to make a change in their lives. Here are some of the best business ideas that you can practice today.

1. Embroidery business.

These days, many people especially youths in our country loves clothes that have embroidery because they feel those clothes look nice and attractive. 

If you have a skill in embroidery, start putting it into good use today by starting a business. You can buy plane clothes at Gikomba market because there is where you can get plane clothes at a cheaper price. The good thing with this business is that you can even do embroidery on anything that you can imagine, even if it is a flower. This business is very lucrative and will give you enough money to sustain you.

2. Knitting business.

In this business, you can either use your hands or machines, today knitting skills have been modernized and there have emerged new patterns which are attractive. In Kenya, we have many people who are very skilled in this filed because they have been thoroughly trained, you can go to them to acquire this skills at a low cost then later on start your own business.

Currently, there are many things we can be knitted, that is socks, chair covers, sweater among other valuable things, the good news is that the raw materials for knitting are now readily available in many places in Kenya because the government had lowered taxation on such raw materials.

Knitted products are very profitable these days, if you can look for a good business location in your town and start this business, you will be very rich because this business is always on high demand. You can practice these business ideas today and get a high return.

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