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Post covid 19 fashion in kenya 2021

Despite the harsh economic conditions that has been brought by the COVID-19 pandemic the burgeoning class of the youth in kenya have continued to upgrade with the latest fashion trends.Designers have been forced to pull up their game in meeting the rising demand of latest fashion with these being among the top fashion trends you must look out for in 2021.

Top ten trends in kenya fashion 2021

1.Leather shirt ; Loved for their sleekness and fine texture leather shirts are soft and comfortable .

2.A puff sleeve top; It is preferred because it is perfect for pear body shape because shoulders are petite and narrow so the pud adds width which then creates the illusion of an hourglass figure .

3.Crisp white cotton shirt ; Many people go for it because it is very official and stands out more often.

4.Boyfriend shirt with lace ; Lace really does not go out of style , they are also stylish for any age.

5.Square neck top ; It is a flattering option for most body types.The neck line shows off the collarbone , which is usually attractive feature of women .

6.Sweetheart top ; It is an outfit that is preferred by many because it is very attractive and trendy in the market. Designers incur low cost in the production of the top.

7.A polo top ; Men generally prefer it because it's serves many purposes as being casual and also can be used for sporting activities like golf , tennis , badminton and rugby.

8.Black bomber jackets ; It is not only comfortable and practical but also makes a man look charming and cool!

9.A knitted polo top ; It looks great when paired with jeans , sweatpants or shorts .Also there is an option of wearing many different shoe style such as loafers , sneakers and boat shoes .

10.Stylist T_shirt ; Many people tend to be unique in their outfit and thus many people choose to go for the T-shirts. It has also been noted that the T-shirts are on high demand by the tourists .

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