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Skin Care

Remember The Girl Who Acted Sarafina? See What Happened To Her

Leleti Khumalo famously recognized as Sarafina of the famous movie "Sarafina"of 1992 has really changed from the brown skinned girl she was while acting the movie and she now her skin looks white. In other words Sarafina is suffering from Vitiligo and not bleaching effects.

This condition makes the affected area change color to white and mostly affects the hair, eyes, hands and in severe cases, the whole body. Sadly, this condition had no cure and one has to live with it.

For Sarafina, it all started with white spots on her leg which were not painful at all and hence no cause for alarm. Unfortunate for her, as time went by, the white spots started appearing in other parts of her body.

She tried medication and applying make-up to conceal the marks but nothing seemed to work out for her. She then decided to embrace her skin as it was.

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Leleti Khumalo Sarafina Vitiligo


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