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Why You Should Avoid Scratching Airtime Using Your Bare Fingers

Did you know that scratching airtime or scratch cards or credit cards using bare fingers could have hazardous health impacts on you? Doctors have confirmed that this habit could cause serious skin cancer.

According to American medical researchers, scientists and cancer specialist, using bare fingers to open up scratch cards could cause a newly discovered type of skin cancer. From their writing, scratch cards are sealed using a layer silver nitro oxide. Whenever one opens up a scratch card using their fingers, there is a these chemical coating leaves traces that penetrate in to the skin. The traces then have the capacity of bringing about a new skin cancer which could be more serious.

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Removing the coating on scratch cards using fingers is a habit for most of us. I hope after this information you'll use either coin or something else. If possible, please make sure the coating doesn't get to your skin. And if by any chance it does, clean your skin thoroughly. Share this widely to save lives. Thank you for reading

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