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Skin Care

How To Make Face Scrub With Tomatoes And Sugar.

Have you ever tried making a tomato scrub with any other ingridient other than sugar? what was the outcome?

Tomatoes are mainly used in kitchen in making salads and as a vegetable.However when we come to skin care it can be the best in making your skin glow and look younger by making a face scrub.

Face Scrub makes your skin feel soft, young and makes it glow in a beautiful way.unlike soap, face scrub moisturize your skin and help get rid of old skin cells and make a way for other new cells in a process called exfoliation.

It also helps get rid of acne and sunburns.


fresh tomatoes.

white sugar.(table spoon)



Cut the tomato into half and apply sugar on the tomato plate and apply it gently on your face for few minutes.


Wash your face in lukewarm water after 30 minutes and moisturize it with oil and watch it glow.

repeat the procedure twice in a week.

Content notes:

-If it affect you,you can try any other ingridients.

-You can add other ingridients eg honey.

Let me know in the comment section whether you have ever tried this and what was the outcome.If you have loved this please like,comment and follow me fo more.

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