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Ways you can Upgrade your style

Everyone wants to look great and elevate their style. There are so many books and apps that show how to style up but one has to have some sense of style in them. There are also blogs on how to wear a particular item for different occasions and style them.

These are items to help elevate your style:


They not only help in securing your clothes from falling but also elevate your style. Can be worn on trousers, sweater, shirt, skirts,dress and brazer .

(2) Wear prints

This can add some spice to your outfit but be careful because over doing can break your outfit.If you are unable to mix two or more prints wear one on the lower or upper.


This can add some touch to your outfit. Add some prints, color and length. Can be worn for different occasions.

(4)Wear vintage

These are old school fashion outfits mostly worn in the ninety's. They are unique and timeless. They are making a comeback in fashion.(5)Add texture

Texture is how a cloth looks and feels. They can be soft or stiff. Examples are leather, denim, broad cloth,wool and satin.

(6)Combine colors

This is where you wear different colors for example wear colored and uncolored . You don't have to wear one color from top to bottom.

(7)Wear unique pieces

These are worn by fashionistas who are not scared of clothes that others fear wearing because of their designs.

(8)Stay up to date with trends

You can add some trends to your outfit to make it more vibrant. You can get inspiration from magazines,tv or a celebrity you look up to interms of style.

(9) Add accessories

Wear earrings, headbands,Bangles,rings, hats and bandanas. They can turn a dull outfit into appling.

(10) Wear correct proposition

This is where if the skirt is short wear a decent shirt or t-shirt or if the t-shirt is above the tummy wear a highwaist skirt or trouser.

(11)Self care

This is the most important. It can destroy your outfit if you don't take it seriously. Make your hair,wear makeup,do your nails and general cleaness.

(12)Have go to outfits

This are pieces that you have in your wardrobe. You can interchange to create new outfits .They are also a must have example t-shirt,brazers, trousers,dresses, skirts and shirts.

(13)Buy fitting clothes

This not only makes you look good but also feel good. You also look older than you actually are .

(14) Find your own style

This can be formal, casual,street wear etc. Wear what you are comfortable with. You don't have to copy someone else but you can get some inspiration from someone you share the same sense of style.

(15)Wear one color

By this i mean the top part and the bottom. You can wear all black,white and brown. This makes one even look expensive.

(16)Wear comfortable clothes

Don't compromise on your comfort just because an outfit is trending. You will also lack confidence if you are not comfortable with an outfit and people will note .

(17) Look after your clothes

Torn or shaggy clothes makes your outfit look ugly while as ironed makes it look nice. Put clothes in hangers or will folded to avoid wrinkles.

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