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Ditch The Creams, There are Other Natural Ways Of Treating Skin Infections

Skin diseases or infections are caused by allergies,genes,viruses, bacteria,fungi,weak immune system etc.Some of the infections include;acne,boils,ringworms,vitiligo,rashes,athletes foot among others.They can appear as rashes,patches or redness on the skin.Below are some of the ways you can treat them incase you get or you currently have them.

1.Avoid stress .

Stress weakens the immune system hence making it easy for the body to contract skin infections.

2.Get enough sleep.

This gives the body time to repair worn out skin tissues hence giving a healthy skin.

3.Use cold compressions.

They limit blood flow in the affected area hence reducing itching.

4.Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.

This is to avoid touching the skin with bacteria .

5.Take a healthy balanced diet.

6.Maintain proper hygiene.

Wear clean and dry clothes and shoes.Avoid sharing personal items like towels and also clean shared public places like bathrooms,toilets,gyms before you use.

7.Bathe with lukewarm oatmeal water.

This is simply adding oatmeal to your water for bathing.Oatmeal contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce itching,dryness and roughness .

8.Don't wear tight clothings.

Wear clothes that allow the body to breathe well.

9.Use these herbal remedies.

Apply aloe vera on the affected area it heals skin infections.

Apply unprocessed coconut oil,olive oil, sunflower oil and chamomile oil to act as moisturizers.

Use tea tree oil because it contains antioxidants that fight bacterial,fungal and viral infections.

Baking soda reduces itchiness and soothes the skin to maintain a correct PH.

Take and apply apple cider vinegar which is an antimicrobial.You can even add in your bathing water.

Use epsom salts.They contain magnesium which reduces itching,scaling and inflammation.They also retain moisture.

Content created and supplied by: MissT_Agany. (via Opera News )


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